Avoid trial and error, when you develop your products

Understand your customers preference as regard to your products. Med Wilke’s Architect-products you ensure optimal price and product combination.

Through 15 years we have helped companies define and tighten up their products, portfolio and price strategies.We understand how consumers react to changes and can calculate exactly what result you can expect if you change the content of the products, the number and products on the market or pricing.

Generally there are many limitations and great uncertainty connected to experimenting on the actual market. Therefore that risk is rarely taken. But there is an alternative, where you avoid these conditions. We can help you set up a hypothetical market and test your products via conjoint analyses.

As good as testing in the real world

Conjoint analyses are a scientific approach to identify preferences – and predict how the products you develop and make adjustments to will do on the market.

VWe develop fictive products, which all are tested for attractiveness and expected probability of purchase. The fictive universe makes it so that you avoid unnecessary expenses to develop several prototypes for testing.

Through a conjoint analysis you will get the opportunity to:

  • Identify the most attractive content
  • Determine the right price
  • Identify who chooses yours and the competitors’ products
  • See if there are unutilized opportunities on the market
  • Uncover potentially hidden opportunities in the product

"With a conjoint analysis you avoid producing and market products that the consumers don’t find attractive"

Our Three Architect Products

Concept Architect

Wilke Concept Architect is used to find the optimal combination of products and services. The concept can be known on the market and is as such tested for new opportunities, but it can also be new products entirely; where the right content is to be found. The focus is on all the opportunities the product contains compared to finding the content that is most attractive to everyone.

Price Architect

Here the focus is primarily on the price for a specific service or product that is already known on the market. The products are kept to a wide extent steady, but can be changed for example compared to amount. The steady products means that we can include several products/brands. Wilke Price Architect is often used in FMCG, where there is fierce competition with many other products, and where the pricing is important, because the product can easily be replaced by an alternative.

Portfolio Architect

Wilke Portfolio Architect’s purpose is to test for expansion of the market. Meaning the opportunities to include new flavors, other pack size , etc.

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