Qualitative Research

We are very experienced in all types of qualitative research and have developed a qualitative competence centre to assure that our moderators always have the highest possible expertise and are updated with the newest trends and knowledge.

Our qualitative services are based on the following 4 cornerstones:

  1. To identify tomorrow’s success stories by deep explorative research
  2. By involving our clients’ in the research
  3. By challenging our clients’ boundaries of what is possible
  4. By having a distinct innovation philosophy – based on state-of-the-art innovation research about organizations’ challenges in a global and high-tech world.

We conduct all types of qualitative research, such as:

  • focus groups
  • in depth interviews
  • observations
  • workshops, etc.

We have the facilities to do in-house focus groups, in depth interviews and workshops, but we also have the equipment to work on-location around the country.

We can offer good facilities with one-way mirror and since we have our own recruitment team, we have full control with all aspects of the process.

Read more about our qualitative services in the presentation below.

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