The media industry are currently faced with big challenges because of the pressure from competition from abroad. Each media player therefore face redefining their standpoint and business model for the purpose of ensuring its justification on the market and a closer connection to the customers.

Traditionally flow TV currently experience extreme challenges because they are invaded by streaming services, who accommodate the consumers demand for relevant content. The tendency sets forth requirements to the company’s ability to rethink their business and adjust the product, so it satisfies the consumer’s dynamic and  changeable behavior.

The consumers want freedom of choice and shop around a lot among the providers to get the cheapest and best tailored solutions, that fulfills their specific needs. This creates an essential need to know the behavior that can de decisive to keep the customers, get new ones and create success. But how do the media providers accommodate the changeable consumer behavior tendencies and how should the products be tailored to meet the consumers needs? That is a question several media companies face today.

Wilke can give you the answers and prepare you for the new reality. We work the Denmark’s leading media providers and have both wide and deep experience with solving the media companies’ market challenges.

At Wilke we have much experience with the media industry’s challenges, and offer several products to enlighten how the media industry can overcome the central challenges that are most important. Among the significant products the following could be mentioned:


We help several media companies kickstart their innovation process’ and establish an innovation culture, which makes it possible for the work with innovation to become a well integrated part every day life for each company. The focus on these processes is dost often directed towards innovating in new areas, so that not only traditional markets and current target groups are thought of.

Customer Loyalty

Little by little it has become common knowledge that the most important differentiation and competition parameter for modern companies is focus on the customer relation. This fact is also true in the media industry, which is one of the industries that experiences the lowest customer loyalty. That is why we help several of our customers to implement their Customer Loyalty program and thus work strategically with improvement the customer experience in each contact points.

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