In the finance industry, the products are (almost) identical, but the customers are different and that gives new opportunities.

Intense competition requires continually greater customer insight and focus, continually better segmentation, continually better differentiation and positioning along with continually more focused/adapted solutions for continually smaller target groups.

In the financial sector products are (almost) the same. Unique ”killer apps” like Mobile Pay can create briefly create a competitive advantage that quickly is evened out in a continually more transparent market though. The fight for customers is there about being able to continually develop,  package, and deliver adapted solutions (”commoditization”) continually to small target groups.

Solutions are the combination of products, services and customer experiences in all “touch-points” – personal and digital.

Some customers want ”low touch” experiences and simple automated self-service solutions, while other prefer ”high touch” experiences with dedicated personal guidance. But most prefer combinations that fits their needs in different purchase situations and phases of life.

Therefore competitiveness in the financial sector is conditional of a large and continual insight in the customers needs, opinions and behavior. And the ability to convert this to clear segmentations strategies, unique concepts and effective ”go-to-market” plans.

Wilke can give you the answers and prepare you for the real reality. WE are for Denmark’s leading companies in financial sector and we have both wide and deep experience with solutions to market challenges in the financial sector.

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