The energy sector faces new challenges in future years as the wholesale model and the data hub are put in operation. Market and customer orientation has become high the agenda and everyone prepares for the competition, but no one really knows if it will happen and if it does when and how?

The liberalization of the Danish energy market is in full swing. Earlier times’ regional and local monopolies are abolished, the supply duties are put in supply, energy trading company emerges and new player joins the game. When the  wholesale model comes into force April 1st 2016, the bond between the”traditional” energy companies and the customer is broken. In the future the relation to and the communication with the customer will happen through the trading company and the owners of the distribution networks will loose the direct customer contact.

The energy company have already prepared, companies are divided into net and trading companies and everyone are preparing for the competition. But no one really knows if it will come and how it will come?

Concepts like churn and retention rates, customer journey and contact points, segmentation and branding, ambassadors and much else drifts through the air while everyone is preparing for a new reality.

But how do you compete on a commodity market with notoriously low level of involvement and churn rates, which are still comfortably low? That question occupies all energy companies and it is unlikely that there is a company, who doesn’t have customer insights and market/customer orientation high on the management’s agenda.

Wilke can give you the answers and prepare you for the new reality. We work for Denmark’s most prominent energy companies and we have wide and deep experience with solving the market problems of the energy companies. 

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