The car industry face drastic changes when the product no longer sells itself at top speed and horsepowers; and purchase no longer is necessary to solve your transportation needs. These changes mean that the car industry needs to focus on the primary competition parameter in the future: the relation the customers.

The car industry has traditionally had focus on the steel; the physical product. The customers became convinced that they should buy model X instead of model Y by help of a little higher top speed, a little better acceleration, a larger trunk or – in later years – how many kilometers per liter fuel the car could go.

But the industry is changing like other industries are changing. The biggest hotel chain today do not own a single bed (Airbnb); the biggest taxi company (Uber) does not own a single car. What these and other companies can do, it focusing on the customer relation.

In the car industry you can’t simply sell good cars anymore. That the competitors do as well go most cars today have a level of quality that for most customers is more than acceptable.

More and more customers actually don’t even buy a car. More and more lease if they don’t use some of the many offers to share a car (GoMore, LetsGo, DriveNow, Delebilen or something else entirely).

So where the solution the customers’ transportation needs just 10 years ago was the purchase of a car (more), a car purchase is now just one of many options. Until recently the car purchase was determined by the physical product  but now the industry must compete on the overall experience to the customer, which includes the entire customer journey from start to finish.

Therefore the car industry will face significant changes in the coming years. New competitors will join, and established players will have to adjust to the new reality. Those that will fare best are those, who are best at handling the customer relation.

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